Product Description

The DEUTROPULS Hand Yoke is a mobile magnetic particle crack testing unit with particularly high magnetization performance, easy handling and versatile application options. The robust design enables reliable magnetic particle crack detection even under harsh outdoor conditions.

Designed for maximum safety, the construction is completely sealed with high-quality cast resin and thus protected from moisture. Coupling to a wide variety of workpieces is optimally possible with exchangeable extended, angled or movable attachment poles.

Each DEUTROPULS Hand Yoke is subjected to a protective conductor test before delivery and is tested for high voltage. The 230 V version is protected against overheating by a built-in temperature monitor.

Key Facts

  • Weight-optimized design with high magnetizing performance
  • User-friendly shape with short finger lift button
  • High-voltage and penetration proof
  • Housing encapsulated with high-quality cast resin
  • Easily exchangeable cable
  • Exchangeable switch, sealed to IP65, very high switching stability
  • High relative duty cycle
  • Properties according to DIN EN ISO 9934-3:2015, ASTM E1444-16, DASt-Guideline 022


Hand Yoke DEUTROPULS, 230 V alternating current
(order no.: 3446.230)
The 230 V alternating current version can be connected directly or via an isolating transformer (230 V primary / 230 V secondary, order no.: 3850.322) to the local power supply system.

Hand Yoke DEUTROPULS 42 V alternating current
(order no.: 3446.042)
The 42 V AC version for low voltage operation is supplied via an isolating transformer (order no.: 3446.242), which is connected to 230 V on the primary side and feeds either 42 V or 35 V on the secondary side.

Various attachment poles are available for optimized operation:

  • 1 pair of attachment poles 10 mm (order no.: 3852.102)
  • 1 pair of attachment poles 45° (order no.: 3852.302)
  • 1 pair of attachment poles 60 mm (order no.: 3852.402)
  • 1 pair of attachment poles 100 mm, movable (order no.: 3852.202)

With special attachment poles the DEUTROPULS hand magnet can be used for reliable magnetic particle testing according to the new DASt-Guideline 022 “Feuerverzinken von tragenden Stahlkonstruktionen“ (hot‐dip‐zinc‐coating of prefabricated load‐bearing steel components).

  • 1 pair of attachment poles for increased field strength, rigid (order no.: 3852.502)
  • 1 pair of attachment poles for increased field strength, movable (order no.: 3852.602)
Hand Magnet case

The DEUTROPULS hand magnet in robust protective case

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