Bergische Wirtschaft (Bergisch Economy)

Wuppertal, Germany, 16 December 2019

70 Years of Tracking Flaws

Bearing the headline “Dem Fehler auf der Spur” (Tracing the Flaw) the journal “Bergische Wirtschaft” (Bergisch Economy) reports in its December 2019 issue about the 70-year success story of the KARL DEUTSCH company. It also takes a brief look at the personal passions of our managing director Dr. (USA) Wolfram Deutsch, who has optimally combined commitment to the local economy with the acquisition of the company Velotal.



Since its foundation in 1949, the owner-managed company KARL DEUTSCH has been engaged in the development and manufacture of equipment for non-destructive material testing. Mobile testing devices, stationary testing systems, sensors and chemical crack detection media for the testing methods UT, MT and PT are manufactured in two plants in Wuppertal by 130 motivated employees. Another 20 employees in foreign offices and a worldwide dealer network support the export business, which accounts for more than 60% of the turnover. Characterized by continuous innovation and reliability of the products, the brands ECHOGRAPH, ECHOMETER, LEPTOSKOP, DEUTROFLUX, FLUXA, KD-CHECK and RMG are internationally known today.


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