DEUTROMAT Chain Conveyor
Special Solutions for Magnetic Particle Crack Detection

Product Description

Testing machines with automated component transport have a particularly high testing throughput. DEUTROMAT magnetic particle crack detection machines, which are equipped with a chain conveyor, usually are able to test two to four components per cycle (typical cycle rate: 12 s).

Loading is done either manually in combination with a visual inspection, automated via a portal or by an industrial robot. For inspection and sorting of the components there is usually a test cabin with a examination table at discharge.

Key Facts

  • Components: Unit weights typically up to 15 kg
  • Standard testing machine cycle: 12 seconds
  • Maximum clamping length standard: 600 mm
  • Standard number of yokes: 2, optionally 4 or 8 (accordingly several parts per cycle are tested)
  • Workpiece holders: As universal as possible, quickly changeable via quick release fastener
  • Positioning of the components: Horizontal or vertical, depending on component geometry
  • Magnetization technique: direct current flow (longitudinal defect), longitudinal magnetization (transverse defect), separately adjustable
  • Power consumption: Typically 50 kVA, varies according to component size
  • Floor space: width is project-specific (typically 2.5 m), length (without cabin) project-specific (typically 3 m to 6 m), test cabin is project-specific (typically 2 m x 3 m)


Extension options:

  • Examination table and cabin at discharge
  • MEMORY parameter storage

Further Information

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