Magnetic Particle Crack Detection Machine DEUTROFLUX EW

Product Description

The DEUTROFLUX machines of the EW series are mainly used for a low test throughput of small parts and stand for an extremely economical solution of testing technology. This series is offered as a tabletop unit or, extended by the unit stand, also as a standing workstation. In the basic version the test current is 1000 A. Higher test currents are possible in special versions.

Key Facts

  • Maximum clamping length: 300 or 600 mm
  • Robust lightweight construction with stainless steel tub
  • 2 independent magnetizing circuits for combined magnetization (i.e. detection of omnidirectional cracks in one test cycle)
  • Continuous control for current and field flow
  • Attached control panel
  • Separate container for the test liquid, 40 l volume, incl. inlet and circulation pump with dosing valves and feeder hoses


Crack Detection Machine DEUTROFLUX EW 300
(order no.: 3121.002)
up to 300 mm clamping length

Crack Detection Machine DEUTROFLUX EW 600
(order no.: 3123.002)
up to 600 mm clamping length

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